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I couldn't fight the temptation to find out how many other gays were stuck in traffic on the 101 with me."This is so easy," I thought, as I pulled my shirt back on and thanked the charming young man whom I had adulterated about five minutes prior. " he asked, trying not to seem needy."You know where to find me," I responded, which was code for "No." Putting my i Phone back in my pocket I exited the building—and walked across the street to my house.

Before I even have a chance to get bored, a newer, better method always presents itself, as it did when a whole gaggle of gays exclaimed at a recent party, "Oh my God, you've never heard of Grindr?!You have a screen name, one picture, and a few personal statistics to accompany it, followed by the obligatory short blurb about what it is you're looking for (all of which you can choose to not publish if you're uncomfortable.) The rest happens through texting.You can choose to put up your face picture, which most men do.As a tragically hip, gay thirty-something, you'd think I would have been one of the early adopters of Grindr, the i Phone app that tracks its gay male user's every move and can find him a hookup nearby.Especially since online dating is really the only kind of dating I've ever known.In an opening statement, prosecutors said the defendants were in Singapore in September as part of a group of nine for a bachelor party, and attended an electronic music festival called Ultra Singapore.

The groom, the brother of Khong, was also on the trip.

I was flying from Los Angeles to New York for Christmas using Virgin America's wifi network when I decided to give the app a try."Slut," the message popped up from someone named "Artsy Fartsy" as soon as I activated the app."Excuse me? He sent me his face pic and I saw that it was my friend Troy, one of my Grindr "contacts" awaiting my arrival at JFK. " and "OMG I'm obsessed"—I noticed that the lineup of men's pictures were arranged based on who was closest to me.

When I tapped on the first one, his profile informed me he was "7 feet away." My eyes bugged like Carol Kane's in When a Stranger Calls, but instead of, "He's calling from inside the house," it was, "He's Grinding from inside the plane!

No one wants to have a carpal-tunnel-inducing conversation via text—not to mention it drains your i Phone battery fast.

Thus Grindr sticks to the basics: It tells you what guys are looking for, and where.

" The stranger didn't have a face pic; his profile photo was just a shot of his bare chest.

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    Although I was initially wary about dating Alex because he wasn’t a Christian, I decided to meet him because of my family’s relentless persuasion.

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    The caller also told Shilpa that it was a result of her karma, and this made everyone laugh.