Chapter 11 liquidating trustee

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While the initial stay of proceeding cannot exceed 30 days, it can be extended, indefinitely, by further court orders.The initial application under the CCAA often is made with notice only to existing secured creditors and major stakeholders.

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To qualify, the debtor alone or together with affiliated debtor companies, must be subject to total claims exceeding million.

stay of proceedings The stay of proceedings provided for in the Initial Order is typically extremely broad.

It will often stay existing secured creditors and has even been used to stay the rights and activities of third parties who are not creditors.

Federal statutes for the most part deal with the allocation of a debtor's property and assets in circumstances of insolvency.

Federal laws also create statutory super priorities, deemed trusts and liens relating to employee remittances for income taxes, employment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan that may impact on the debtor's property and secured creditor rights in relation to both federal and provincial businesses.

While not required, it is typical for the same judge to supervise a CCAA case from its inception to conclusion.

A Monitor is an officer of the court (the "Monitor") that is appointed in every CCAA case.The two principal federal insolvency statutes are the .The most typical types of proceedings or processes to deal with an insolvent debtor are (i) a reorganization under the CCAA pursuant to which a restructuring plan (a "Plan") may be filed; (ii) a reorganization under the BIA pursuant to which a plan of compromise or arrangement (a "Proposal") may be filed; (iii) a liquidation process ("Bankruptcy") under the BIA; and (iv) private or court-supervised receivership under provincial law or pursuant to the BIA.The CCAA is used for more complex restructurings and those requiring more time to be completed.The majority of cross-border restructurings are administered under the CCAA.The Initial Order provides for the appointment by the court of the Monitor, often approves interim financing arrangements and related security and may approve continuing use of a centralized cash management system.