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Parishioners who would like to be married are encouraged to make an appointment to visit with the pastor early in their time of engagement, and at least six months before they hope to be married.Couples often have many questions about this process, and we will try to answer some of them here. Thomas, you will be eligible to reserve a wedding date for your marriage.

If you would like a priest or deacon from outside the Archdiocese of Chicago is to officiate at your wedding, we are happy to welcome them.

For information on signing up for the class, go to click on Marriage Preparation.

A marriage license from Cook County, Illinois, is required and is to be presented at the time of the rehearsal.

Rehearsal may be held on Thursday or Friday between 4 p.m. Not included in this fee is the cost of the pre-Cana weekend, and additional musicians, which will have their own fees.

A new and current Baptism and Confirmation Certificate should be sent directly from the parish of Baptism (and Confirmation) to Saint Thomas the Apostle.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago serves more than 2.2 million Roman Catholics in Cook and Lake counties in northeast Illinois.

It is led by Chicago-born Francis Cardinal George, who was installed as archbishop in May 1997.

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced this week that several North Shore area parishes - along with two in Lake County - will be part of mergers aimed in part at addressing a shortage of priests to serve individual parishes. Parents of students at five Catholic schools — four in the suburbs — were pondering their next moves in the wake of news that the schools will be closed in June.

Financial constraints and declining enrollment were cited as reasons for the closings....

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced Wednesday night that River Grove-based St. The Mundelein High School Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds welcomed renowned composer Dr.

Cyprian Catholic School will close at the end of the current school year — and the St. Dana Wilson from Ithaca New York to their Band Concert Nov. With the financial support of the Mundelein High School Band Boosters, Wilson wrote two compositions... Tim Anastos is the newest parish priest at Mary, Seat of Wisdom Catholic Church in Park Ridge. Michael Roman Catholic Church in Orland Park is gearing up for a big finish to a yearlong celebration marking the 150th anniversary of its founding in 1867.

It is required to meet with the pastor before the process begins, and again nearer to the time of the wedding. on Saturday because of the Saturday evening Mass and confessions, and so must be celebrated to finish well before, or begin after these times.

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