Carbon dating art forgery

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Carbon dating art forgery - datingforlove com

In the particular case of oil paintings, the natural oil used has a high probability of being representative of the time of creation, hereby circumventing the problem of the originality of the support material.

Radiation from nuclear fallout travels globally since vaporized material is flung high into the stratosphere during an explosion.I learned in school that anyone born post WWII is 4 to ten times more radioactive than their grandparents.(An Italian supply cache from WWII found in the Sahara in the mid seventies was widely sought after by researchers.I'd have to ask my brother, who runs the current CT and MRI scanners, what is used now.Also, how far did radioactive fallout from the bombs get, and does the concentration vary from location to location?Because brain cells aren't replaced like other body cells, they retain the carbon 14 that was produced in elevated levels at the time. )I feel that I should allay fears that my above post might cause.

Even an 18 percent increase in background radiation is negligible.

In fact, there's evidence that slight increase actually decreases you risk of cancer!

If you're still nervous, check out this site: even if the forgeries were closer or even in Japan at the time of The Bomb, this method would still work. Compare the isotopes currently detected vs their decay products. Heck, Caesium-137 has a half-life a little over 30 years, and Strontium-90 about 29 years.

This news is about a month old, but it's new to me!

Russian curator Elena Basner thinks she might have developed a foolproof way of determining whether a work of art was made before or after 1945. From the Times Online: The first nuclear bomb was successfully tested in July 1945 in New Mexico.

For this method to work, it wouldn't matter how near or far the painting was in relation to Japan or the various test sites.

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