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, a team of researchers has identified the set of genes underpinning CAM, laying the groundwork for future genetic engineering of food crops.

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CAM is essentially a form of photosynthesis in which the pores in a plant’s leaves only open to let in carbon dioxide at night.

During the day, when the sun is out, the pores remain closed in order to prevent water escaping through them.

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Researchers have identified the genetic underpinnings of drought resistant plants, allowing them to potentially develop crops that could grow, and even thrive, in dry conditions.

Crop production is one the world’s largest consumers of fresh water, a supply under threat by a growing world population and increased urbanisation.

Dr Yang and his collaborators looked at the genomes of three plant species that use CAM, including orchids and pineapples.

In doing so, they found 60 genes that had evolved in the same way in all three different species to give them CAM.

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