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For bigger ’round-the-garage and ’round-the-yard tasks, it’s usually the Buck Folding Hunter.

Beware of letting an Arch Enemy fall victim to Villain Decay.

My guide was none other than CJ Buck, CEO and president of the company and great-grandson of the founder, Hoyt Buck.

CJ’s father, Chuck Buck, who serves as chairman of Buck Knives, Inc., had been my tour guide nearly 20 years earlier when I toured the corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant, which was then located in El Cajon, California, next to San Diego.

There are many excellent knives being produced today by quality manufacturers, but none carries the iconic mystique and customer loyalty of Buck.

Forged in 107 years of experience and four generations of knife-making tradition and innovation, the Buck name, like its blades, is recognized worldwide and associated with quality, dependability, and integrity.

Lastly, remember that this generally refers to the enemy the considers to be his Arch Enemy, and ideally, it should be personal on both sides (though there are plenty of good "But for Me, It Was Tuesday"-type Arch Foes out there).

Especially in the case of a Rogues Gallery, the hero is usually considered an Arch Enemy to of his villains, but he doesn't treat all of them as such.But escalating energy costs, taxes, and regulation, combined with the devastating impact of cheap imports, forced the Bucks to make some tough decisions.If they were going to continue manufacturing their famous knives in the United States, they would have to leave California. From Gem State to Golden State — and Back The handsome new Buck Knives headquarters and plant looks like a giant hunting lodge, an illusion that is helped by the fact that it is surrounded by beautiful evergreen-covered mountains. The move from California to Idaho is, in a sense, a homecoming, explains CJ Buck, as he leads me, along with my mother and sister Mary Lee, through the Buck family photo gallery and museum.Lex Luthor is considered Superman's Arch Enemy; Brainiac is smarter and Darkseid is vastly more powerful and dangerous, but for Lex - and, to a lesser extent, for Superman — it's between them.Sometimes, the hero could have made the same choices as the Arch Enemy: the Arch Enemy is showing us what he could have become, as in the case of Batman and the Joker.A hero may possess more than one Arch Enemy if more than one villain from his Rogues Gallery stand out, or if a former Arch Enemy dies and new one comes in to the picture.