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If you read the lyrics with that thought, it does make sense.

It came out of a conversation about money."And She Was", Talking Heads I have heard that this song is about a girl who commits suicide.I'd heard both."99 luftbalons/99 red ballons", Nena It is correct that Both the English and German versions of the song tell a story of ninety-nine balloons floating into the air, triggering an apocalyptic overreaction by military forces.The lead singer of Nena, Gabriel was against the U.The careers of some of our favourite actors haven't been in the best shape lately, whether it's due to some bad movie choices or being stuck in the same role for too long.Digital Spy's career expert* takes a look at eight movie stars whose careers need a jump start, and offers advice for how they can improve things in 2018…*not an actual expert.S and she did not want to release the English version of the song!

"99 Luftbalons/99 Red Balloons", Nena The song is about someone letting 99 red balloons go flying into the sky in Berlin.proved what a great actor Cusack can be – he now just needs to find the right material.Whether it's for TV or film, he needs to work with some top-notch directors and choose sharp scripts even if it's for character roles rather than leading ones – he was decent in the 2007 adaptation of Stephen King's movies, Oscar-winning Gwyneth hasn't acted much this decade, preferring to spend her time with her children and working on her online business Goop, which is best known for promoting eye-watering gynaecological fads like jade eggs and vaginal steaming. We're sure the company can carry on without her while the actress – who was so good in movies like Where It Went Wrong: Over the last few years it's felt like Pitt has spent more time in the gossip columns than on the big screen, but in fact he's never stopped working – however, his best performances have been as part of a big cast (.Oh, he did everything right He brought the woman out of me, so many times, easily And in the morning when he woke all I left him was a note I told him I am the flower you are the seed We walked in the garden we planted a tree" then later in the song we hear the lyrics "Then it happened one day, we came round the same way You can imagine his surprise when he saw his own eyes I said please, please understand I'm in love with another man And what he couldn't give me was the one little thing that you can" this tell us that she is happy now and is pleading with him not to say anything. "Ana Ng", They Might Be Giants About the singer's dream girl being on the other side of the world, never to cross paths.The 1964 World's Fair was attended by both members of They Might Be Giants and represents confusion.I'm not really sure if this page is going to generate many comments, as a lot of the songs I remember from the eighties are pretty easily understood.