Boyfriend goes on online dating sites

20-Feb-2020 02:17 by 10 Comments

Boyfriend goes on online dating sites

Meet him out at a POF meet/greet a year later and he said that he had just gotten out of a bad marriage (been divorced only 3 yars) and wasn't ready for as serious as we had gotten...(dude had long term on his profile as his interest) but he was ready to settle down now and wanted me to go back out with him; I thanked him for the interest and said that I thought being friends was as much as I had in me since I had cared so deeply for him before.Fast forward he found me on facebook and I noticed a year ago that he was in a relationship with someone now.

Life's too short to hang on to something that makes you worry and wonder. and I bet a day didn't go buy that they were "wondering" how the other felt.... that in itself answers are questions of "can I trust him... you might get back on POF and it'll match ya up again.. The relationship is over, it barely started to be honest, and now you only know enough to drive you nuts and make it easy for him to make you feel crazy.

You meet someone, there is that connection between you but the guy still thinks that he can find someone ''better'' People just want to find the perfection, their ideal partner ''online''. With people you meet online, it is important to ''take your time''.

And talk to the friends you made on here too =) Only delete it when you ''sure'' about the relationship.

BUT, if he told you he is no longer on the site and you caught him in a "lie"...will lie about other things too. Why in the world do people delete their profiles anyways?

I just don't understand why you just don't log on them instead.

You were wrong to have snooped on your guy; he was wrong to lead you to believe that he wasn't on POF any more.

You choked on setting up a time to meet him when you were chatting with him cause you were afraid he would agree to meet you and then you wouldnt have the opportunity to sweep it all under the carpet.

It could be something as insignificant as ego that causes him to seek attention from other females.

I also think it is funny that all his pictures on here are the ones he had when I meet him and he has the date of them as being made in 2011...

You haven't really said what you and he have discussed as far as comittment.

One would defintiely think that 3 months of dating would "merit" some sort of relationship tie. Put your name back out there girl...don't expect him to graciously accept your move back into availability on the website.....funny how when the tables are turned, it isn't so gratifying.

You are looking for validation to do what you know you need to do.