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To this end, the scientists have developed a storage system that can also be used for conventional steam power plants and industrial processes. Traditional district heating is converging with solar thermal energy: researchers and engineers presented new technologies for integrating solar thermal systems into the heating provision at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy's status workshop entitled “Solar thermal energy in district heating”, which was held at the end of September in Dresden.In addition, the workshop also provided insights into current developments in Europe and worldwide. Refrigerators that consume electricity precisely when the wind and the sun provide excess electrical energy, and which during slack periods maintain their cooling temperature without additional energy input, would greatly relieve the grid.

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Now they have received the “German Renewables Award 2017” for their research work.

The test device can thereby bridge longer standstill times.

So kannst du C-date kündigen: Wir haben Tipps und Tricks für sich gesammelt, um das Kündigen deiner Mitgliedschaft bei C-Date leichter zu machen.

The new Wind MUSE simulation environment is multidisciplinary, integrates existing submodels using a common language and enables real-time testing.

The aim is to depict wind turbines with a precision comparable to that customary in the aviation industry. One year ago, scientists sank a concrete sphere one hundred metres below the surface of Lake Constance.

Andere Kündigungsfristen sind möglich, wenn sie mit dem Vertragsschluss vereinbart wurden - sieh also unbedingt in deinen Vertragsunterlagen nach.

Bei inkorrekter oder nicht fristgerechter Kündigung, verlängert sich dieser nach Ablauf der abgemachten Vertragslaufzeit automatisch um eine bei Vertragsschluss festgelegte Dauer.

Researchers are developing and testing components and control instruments for this economical new generation of engines.

They are aiming to reduce the engines' COTogether with industrial partners, researchers at ZAE Bayern are developing a cost-effective energy storage system for industrial waste heat.

Scientists from ZAE Bayern are investigating the costs and benefits of such a load shift together with industrial partners.

For this purpose they are increasing the thermal inertia of an efficient standard refrigerator by installing latent heat storage units.

Repairing or replacing the insulation takes time and money.