Benefits of updating healthcare technology

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Benefits of updating healthcare technology - how to make your own dating site

Thus there is a need for better integration and sharing of race, ethnicity, and language data within and across health care entities and even (in the absence of suitable information technology [IT] processes) within a single entity.

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In addition, hospitals have a history of collecting race data.

Next is a discussion of steps that can be taken to address these issues and improve data collection processes.

This is followed by a review of methods that can be used to derive race and ethnicity data through indirect estimation when obtaining data directly from many patients or enrollees is not possible.

For some, a usual source of care is the emergency department (ED), a situation that complicates the capture and use of race, ethnicity, and language data and their integration with quality measurement.

While health plans insure a large portion of the U. population, their direct contact tends to be minimal, even during enrollment.

Until data are better integrated across entities, some redundancy will remain in the collection of race, ethnicity, and language data from patients and enrollees, and equivalently stratified data will remain unavailable for comparison purposes unless entities adopt a nationally standardized approach.

Methods should be considered for incorporating these data into currently operational data flows, with careful attention to concerns regarding efficiency and patient privacy.Explicitly expressing the rationale for the data collection and training staff, organizational leadership, and the public to appreciate the need to use valid collection mechanisms may improve the situation.Nevertheless, some entities face health information technology (Health IT) constraints and internal resistance.No one of the entities in Figure 5-1 has the capability by itself to gather data on race, ethnicity, and language for the entire population of patients, nor does any single entity currently collect all health data on individual patients.One way to increase the usefulness of data is to integrate them with data from other sources (NRC, 2009).This culture of data collection has limitations, however.

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