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Bae is a 19-week-old Siberian husky with tawny brown markings and cerulean eyes.She’s available for $1,500 on the website of Theresa Rosales, a breeder who is licensed by the Department of Agriculture and offers American Kennel Club registrations for all puppies she sells out of her Hamer, S. Photos show the pup standing near a wooden fence and bright red roses.

Once, she said, a man posing as a customer called and asked her to shoot and send him videos of some puppies.“I don’t know what they’re capable of doing.” Animal protection advocates say all this underscores the importance of seeing a potential pet in person — both to ensure it exists and to get a look at the breeding setting. Or, as John Goodwin of the Humane Society of the United States put it: “Show me the mommy.” “Everyone’s consumption habits are shifting toward the Internet, and that works fine with books, but it’s a poor way to bring a puppy into a family,” said Goodwin, senior director of the organization’s “Stop Puppy Mills” campaign. “You want them to go to good homes, and you have to sort of investigate who [buyers] are and where they’re going,” she said.When told by a reporter that Bae appeared elsewhere online under a different name and price, Rosales just sighed.Rosales said she spent hours doing so, then discovered the videos had been posted as advertisements on another site.

Rosales said she’d called phone numbers on some of the sites using her photos and was “told off” by men using “vile language.” “Now I try to leave them alone,” she said.

She sells both in person and online, and a flat shipping cost includes a crate and paperwork, she said.

Customers are required to fill out an application to help her determine whether they’re ready for a strong-willed husky, and Rosales said she sometimes turns people away.

Fake pet sales have become so pervasive that the attorneys general of three states — Ohio, Arizona and Virginia — have issued warnings to residents in the past year.

In a related development, Delta Air Lines last week filed a lawsuit against what it called a “bogus” site that dupes people into believing it provides pet transport services on Delta jets. A hub for such scams appears to be the West African nation of Cameroon, where the domain names of many have been registered, Baker said.

Our oldest daughter is married and has three boys and lives down the road from us.