Avira antivirus updating

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If it still won't update you could try to manually install the latest definition files at this link: page will tell you how to extract and install this zip file. Avira is a slow and rather non-responsive update service. Open Zone Alarm and click "View Details" in the Firewall section. Are there any error messages when the update fails? I've got Avira Free installed on multiple computers here, Windows 7 Home and Pro, XP Home and Pro. Hi, I had this problem with Avira not updating, and found that even though I am using Firefox, the solution is in Explorer. Avira needs to look into this as this means the setup is taking the LAN settings from IE even if you use Firefox. I think its because they have few servers or some type of ancient setup over there. Now to the right of Application Control click Settings. Set the second one (Defense Net) to Manual from Auto. You should get a popup from Zone Alarm saying something has been blocked from accessing the internet. This was why I couldn't find it in the Zone Alarm program list, because ZA doesn't list it as "Avira". No problems updating except to say there are better times of day to attempt to update..

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Since I am not really doing much with the laptop anyway, I could wait, no problem. I am just alarmed if it does not happen, and I cannot find the reason. Update AVIRA Desktop for Windows with latest virus definitions and scan engine, helping you to stay protected even when you do not access the Internet on a daily basis.Then scroll along and click on any red crosses (Deny) and change them to green ticks (Allow). I cannot update Avira, even when I disactivate the firewall Avira Free Antivirus Updater : The update failed! Last time I switched on the ***** thing was 5 days ago, and then it updated.Hello, I really can't figure out what's wrong with my avira because after I click start update the dialog will say status:scanning for updates but only the time moves and then after a few minutes the status will say: error in file download.

I repeated the process many times and I still can't update my version. [UPDLIB] [ERROR] Download manager: Connection failed while downloading the file [UPDLIB] [ERROR] No other server, update aborted [UPD] [ERROR] Generation of update structure failed. Summary: ******** 0 Files downloaded 0 Files installed zondag 9 november 2014 The update failed! Also in the old reports from five days ago, where I could successfully download and update Avira, the system proxy settings were used.Ah, found this: Generally, the antivirus software installed contact the servers and downloads the required files automatically. Can you however confirm that the fact I cannot download an update, is because the server is not available, and not because I have an error on my system? Configuration Where applicable: Activate the Expert mode (version 2013 or older) Click PC Protection ? Proxy settings Click the option No proxy server if you do not use a proxy Click OK to apply the configuration How ever I have not changed that setting myself, so I am still vigilant since I don't know why before five days it did function, and now it did not. By the way, Avira was set on: use system proxy settings. But where can I see my system proxy settings, and what could have changed them? So the cause was definitely something in my system proxy settings, what ever that is.I find no problems when setting the automatic update time to or P. Once it's there, open Avira, click on the "Update" menu at the top, select "Manual Update", navigate to the file on your desktop, then follow the prompts to update the program. this helps.Grif I don,t know what happened but these past 2 days, I have been having problems with updating AVIRA. I tried the resetting proxy server and manual updates, tried to get into AVIRA forum site but the thing just won't open.) Can someone help me please? Hereunder is the report on the update error: Product information: Product version: C:\Program Files\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop.0.0.52Plugin: C:\Program Files\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop.0.0.6Temp Directory: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\Backup folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\BACKUP\Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\Updater folder: C:\Program Files\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\App Data folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\[UPD] [INFO] Checking whether newer files are available.[UPDLIB] [ERROR] Termination of host name 'personal.avira-update.com' failed.The Anti Vir Personal Edition offers the effective protection against computer viruses for the individual and private use on a single PC-workstation.

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