Avg event history log not updating

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Rather, the Oracle10g automation features are aimed at shops that do not have the manpower or expertise to manually perform the tasks.Oracle Enhancements by Oracle Release New Utilities in Oracle10g release 10.1.0: Oracle10g Grid RAC enhanced for Oracle10g dynamic scalability with server blades SQLTuning Advisor SQLAccess Advisor Rolling database upgrades (using Oracle10g RAC) dbms_scheduler package replaces dbms_job for scheduling Set Database Default Tablespace syntax Rename Tablespace command Introduced RECYCLEBIN command for storing objects before they are dropped. sqlplus / as sysdba accessibility without quote marks SYSAUX tablespace Multiple Temporary Tablespaces supported to reduce stress on sorting in TEMP RMAN introduces compression for backups New drop database syntax New alter database begin backup syntax and alter database end backup.

Former Google Fellow Amit Singhal once explained how .

So even if you use For x in (select * from table) Loop Process data; End loop; PL/SQL is silently "array fetching" 100 rows at a time.

These new feature include collection of data dictionary statistics ( which is now recommended as a best practice by Oracle) , new behaviors associated with the dbms_stats package, and new features related to monitoring tables in the database.

You don't need to specify the tablespaces one by one!!

Oracle10g Data Guard Broker introduced Oracle10g RAC supports secure Redo Log transport Flashback enhancements for flashback database and flashback table syntax SQL Apply feature Cross Platform Transportable Tablespaces External Table unload utility SQL Regular Expression Support with the evaluate syntax New ROW TIMESTAMP column Automatic Database Tuning of Checkpoints, Undo Segments and shared memory Automated invoking of dbms_stats for CBO statistics collection Oracle Application Builder supports HTML DB Browser Based Data Workshop and SQL Workshop PL/SQL Compiler enhanced for compile-time Warnings in utl_mail and utl_compress Run Faster PL/SQL Programs because The new PL/SQL optimizing compiler and Implicit array fetching.

It also means that twice the number of blocks will be use to calculate statistics than were used in Oracle database 9i.

The default value for dynamic sampling in 9i was 1.Consider the following: "In order to not update every link's freshness from a minor edit of a tiny unrelated part of a document, each updated document may be tested for significant changes (e.g., changes to a large portion of the document or changes to many different portions of the document) and a link's freshness may be updated (or not updated) accordingly." Changes made in “important” areas of a document will signal freshness differently than changes made in less important content. A common missconception seems to be that grid is just the new name for RAC (having improved RAC) This is not the case. One will be able to install 10g with RAC only, with grid only, without either and with both.(More on this later.) Below are ten ways Google may determine the freshness of your content.Images courtesy of my favorite graphic designer, Dawn Shepard.Initially, a web page can be given a “freshness” score based on its inception date, which .

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