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Customers will be inspired by the charitable goodwill to New Spirit and their dogs will love these treats!We then post the dog to our website and place it in an adoptive home where the energy levels, expectations and personalities are a good fit.You can do a little or a lot: no experience necessary!We evaluate Australian Shepherds and Australian Shepherd mixes from selected shelters and private owners no longer able to keep their Aussies.If we judge a dog suitable for placement with an average adopter, we foster it in private homes and get to know the dog.Flu deaths have doubled in the space of a week, Government figures reveal as a new map reveals the worst hit areas in the UK.

Public Health England data shows 48 people have lost their lives to the bug already this winter - compared to the 23 deaths recorded last week.

They remove the hard eyes and put cute appliques in their place.

In most of Australia the language spoken is Australian, which is quite similar to English.

A map, used by the Government agency to track outbreaks, also breaks down which regions are being struck the worst by the killer virus.

It shows Plymouth has been hit the hardest, with 14 new cases in the past three weeks, followed by Doncaster with eight new incidences.

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