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Walking street is the Eastern half of Fields Avenue, the part vehicles can’t drive down at night.

Keep an eye out as you browse the 30 or so gogo bars on walking street.

Filipinos call all non Asians ‘foreigners’, (‘Kano’ in Tagalog), ‘black American’ etc.

Sometimes I’ll go into one of the smaller Angeles gogo bars with about 5 girls – e.g.

Icarus, No 7 bar – and find a sexy LBFM, then find nothing in a bar with about 50 girls – e.g. Each Angeles gogo has a mix of old, young, fat, thin, some that like Asian guys, some that like white guys, some panget (ugly), some maganda (beautiful) if you’re lucky.

Similar to Billboard, the best Bangkok gogo, which also has a gay papasan.

I barfined two girls at Shipwrecked, both were great and I find it a fun bar to chill in thanks to the billiards and good atmosphere. In some gogos the girls look a bit bored and low energy but I haven’t seen that here yet.

No one bar has the hottest, Angeles bargirls tend to just work wherever they can, or wherever their girlfriends work, and they move around a lot.

Unlike Manila where a couple P Burgos bars stand out as having quality girls (Kojax & XOXO, same owner).

I’ve never come across a ‘cherry girl’ in Shipwrecked – ones that don’t have sex, you can only take them out to barhop or at most a blowjob. No shy ones, cherry girls, or ones that only go with Asians that I know of.

A lollipop girl was cool with me taking pics of her, in other gogos that gets a bad reaction even for a drink.

She wants me to send money to buy one via her money transfer account.