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ROTHERHAM Low level platforms at the Central Station for use by the tram service have now been completed and a start to the tram service is likely to be in September 2018.

Hermes actually belongs to a couple in a nearby flat but spends most of his time at the station being fed by commuters..The massive new concourse was completed during a ten day closure of the station over the Christmas and New Year period and is as large as the Wembley football pitch.All fifteen platforms are linked together for the first time by the new concourse.A £50m upgrade to the station had been completed recently and the fire was thought to be the result of arson.Trams to/from the northern suburbs were able to operate but the Clifton and Toton Lane lines remained closed until 1600 when more or less full tram services resumed except that the Nottingham Station stop remained closed.The new trains ordered for the Glasgow Subway will be the first trains in the UK to run with no staff on board.

28 December 2017 SNOW A heavy snowfall over much of the UK during the early hours of 27 December 2017 caused widespread disruption to transport.It will be capable of building tramcars, suburban or inter-city trains and high-speed trains.BRIGHTON LINE Major improvements to the drainage are to be made in four tunnels along the southern half of the Brighton main line in an effort to provide a more reliable service for the 300,000 daily users.KINGS CROSS The track layout along the approaches to Kings Cross terminus are to be modified with six tracks instead of four through Gasworks Tunnel.The revised layout extends to just before Copenhagen Tunnel through which there are still only four tracks.There will be no trains during two short periods – 20 – 28 October 2018 and 16 – 24 February 2019.

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