Are kim richards and martin still dating

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Kim overdoses one night and is thrown out of a car outside the hospital during the storm.Rachel Armstrong (Amy Mathews) finds him and he is revived.

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He re-enrolls after Noah's death and participates in a memorial concert.

During this time, Charlie Mc Kinnon (Matt Levett) befriends Kim and Rachel and becomes dangerously obsessed with Kim.

Charlie kidnaps Rachel but he is foiled and instituationalised.

Kim arrives in Summer Bay after his father, Barry (Ivar Kants) is appointed principal of Summer Bay High at the start of the school year.

It is clear the two do not get along and already had previous issues when Barry taught at Kim's previous school.

She becomes his counsellor in order to help him handle his recent grief.

They become closer and Kim steps up his quest to woo her and they become a couple.

Scott proposes to Hayley and they plan to leave Summer Bay with baby Noah, which infuriates Kim and he seeks legal advice.

After a meeting, Kim is run over by a car and it is revealed he does not share the baby's blood type, meaning he is not the father despite paternity results saying so (they were secretly swapped by Eve).

Scott and Hayley leave for Paris and Kim becomes depressed.

He then befriends Kylie Kopperton (Leah Etkind) who introduces him to ecstasy.

Scott and Hayley break up, and Kim gets together with Hayley and he proposes, but some people suspect Hayley is only with Kim because of the baby.

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    Such mansplaining is one of the many reasons I don't want to date significantly older men.