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This turns out to be a boating trip hit by a storm. Then the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed.

Dylan is initially skeptical, but eventually accepts them as family.Dylan and Brenda break up, and Dylan heads straight for Kelly.This doesn't last long either -- after Brenda sees them on a date and gets angry at them, they take a step back from their potential relationship.Throughout the first two seasons, Dylan's relationship with Brenda helps him through several traumatic events, including his struggle with alcoholism and his father's arrest (and eventual conviction) for several white-collar crimes.However, when Dylan takes Brenda to Mexico against her father's wishes, her father forbids her to date him.Dylan, frustrated, takes a road trip to get away from them.

When he returns, Kelly and Brenda tell him to make a choice.

Bear Island turns out to be a great name for the island, because a snarling, blood-thirsty bear hangs around there. It's always nice when a disaster movie adds characterization.

In this case, the story is about fractured family values.

See full summary » An adventure story about Robert, Teresa and Christy Childs, an aspiring author and his family who crashes their boat during a storm and become stranded on a small rocky island in the middle of a treacherous river.

Robert is hurt and Teresa and stepdaughter Christy 16, must set aside their troubled relationship if they are to survive.

Together they care for Robert, recover supplies from their sunke The movie was filmed circa 2009 in British Columbia Canada on an island there.

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    ) the Beer Guy and I agreed that our dinner that evening was the BEST MEAL either of us had EVER eaten. “Green” taste because of 4 peas in the appetizer or not, that meal was BEYOND description. I sat down, perused that creative menu, and thought… I literally have no internal motivation to eat anything.” In the end I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup…the swanky gourmet versions made from Guyere cheese, artisan bread, and organic tomatoes… We, unfortunately, had to check out of the darling inn the next morning…after a third divine breakfast.

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    Words cannot begin to describe how sad I feel at hearing this awful news.’ Leeds United: A huge pile of flowers, shirts, teddies, scarves and cards builds up at Leeds United's ground Elland Road today as fans pay tribute to Gary Speed.