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The kiss was definitely not forced upon him, and based on Cosmo's reaction to watching it, it was not a platonic kiss either.("That's cute." "Ok, this is a little awkward." "OK, this is downright creepy." See more » This movie is so bad that it left me speechless when it was over. Some films are so bad that all you can do is laugh. I just stared in utter horror the entire way through.

See full summary » Meet the Murphys, a family with never ending bad luck.

As a result of a lack of Christmas spirit, the workshop malfunctions and shuts down.

Jorgen Von Strangle arrives and tells Timmy that he must reprise the role of Santa, since it is in the rules that a godchild must take over the role of a holiday icon if the godchild has harmed them to the extent that they cannot do their job.

Everything about this movie was wrong: making it live action, Timmy's casting, the script...everything.

How they got Jason Alexander to sign on I'll never know.

" (season 3, episode 24), and it completely contradicts what Timmy is saying.

The kiss was voluntary because Timmy was in love with Tootie at the end of the episode - he shot himself with Cupid's arrow specifically so that he would fall in love with her.

When Santa wishes for it to be fixed, Timmy decides to grant it.

However, since fairy magic does not work in "an elf-made building", the magic instead turns into a blast that causes Santa to fall into the machine; an impact to the head has brain-damaged him as well and causes him to act like the Easter Bunny and other things.

When they get to his workshop, Santa explains that he wants Timmy to stop granting wishes and explains that with great power, comes great responsibility (a reference to Spider-Man whom Drake Bell currently voices).

Just then, an elf tells him that the gift wrapping machine is broken.

Crocker (who came to the North Pole in an attempt to get his name off the naughty list) decide to tag along.

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