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Animie dating game - Chennai girls voice chat

Increased money interest could have some bonus, e.g., the girl helping you to catch squirrels, while decreased money interest could have some negative effect (e.g., no relationship points from receiving expensive gifts).Choosing to eat in cafe instead of cooking at home could also increase “money” interest (since your girl will think you are rich and like to spend money).

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Some interests will be linked, so increasing one stat will also increase some other (e.g., “shopping” will affect “money”), or decrease it, if these interests are mutually exclusive (e.g., increasing “astrology” interest will decrease “astronomy”, and vice-versa).If you do both, her interest will grow, resulting in her being more demanding.If you don’t buy her clothes and gifts often, her interest will decrease.There is no guarantee that everything will be implemented exactly as described, these are more like outlines for general direction of future development of girlfriend’s personality, the way I currently see it.If anybody has more ideas and suggestions, please post your comments. Gw rasa berita band GACKT, SUGI, YOSHI, MIYAVI udah membumi banget sekarang.

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In addition to conversation topics, some aspects of girlfriend’s personality will be determined by parameters ranging from 0% to 100%, linked to conversation topics.

Range from 0% to 100% will mean girl’s interest and/or skill in some particular area.

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While working on the piano feature, I had some time to think more on how girlfriend’s personality should work in the game.

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