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The word "Angola" derives from the title used by the rulers of the Ndongo state.The title ngola was first mentioned in Portuguese writings in the sixteenth century.

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About a million residents have died because of the war.

Nonetheless the population has increased considerably. In 1973 there were 5.6 million residents; by 1992 that number had risen to 12.7 million.

A Portuguese colony founded on the coast in 1575 also came to be known as Angola.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the name was given to a much larger territory that was envisaged to come under Portuguese influence.

These plans materialized slowly; not until the beginning of the twentieth century did Portuguese colonialism reach the borders of present-day Angola.

In 1975, this area became an independent country under the name República Popular de Angola (People's Republic of Angola). Angola may not classify as either a country or a culture.Despite a high annual growth rate, in the beginning of 2000 the population was estimated at 12.6 million.Since a census has not been held since 1970, the figures are difficult to evaluate.This review paper thus stands at the frontier between geology, natural resources and the history of geology.It shows how geological knowledge has progressed in time, fueled by economic and scientific reasons.With affordable pricing and clean approach, the site has already provided a lot of success stories and is sure to reach the sky in near future. Seeking Arrangement Pricing Of the different plans available the premium plan costs.

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