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At that time, we thought the tree in which the nest sits was dead.

The only visible physical difference between adult male and female American Bald eagles is their size.The microphone will be replaced when the chicks are banded this spring.It is too late in the season to disturb the mating and nesting behavior that is now happening in the nest.But if you live in the Twin Cities or elsewhere in Minnesota, there are lots of places outdoors such as state parks where you can watch eagles and other wildlife, and do fun things like catch fish, paddle a canoe, and more.Eagles in winter » Eagles in summer » Find a Minnesota State Park close to you » We'd like to thank our partners in this webcam adventure: Floyd Security and Xcel Energy.And you can write directly to me and tell me what I should do for you.

Write me your ideas and what you would like to see in the future.

Females are about 1/3 larger than the males - the females have especially larger feet and beaks.

Both parents incubate the eggs and switch several times a day.

Rewind video for instant replay: Click anywhere on the orange timeline bar below the image to go back up to 4 hours.

Click on the "LIVE" button to return to the live feed.

We are back to last years setup for testing video quality so IE 11 should work for now.