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AUBREY PLAZA: This is so great, because now I actually get to talk to you for more than five minutes. PLAZA: My memory is fucked, but I have a vague sense that we met around the time of [2010]. PLAZA: An agent and a Barbie commercial in one week? And then I got a Gap commercial, which never aired, and then, like, the next week I auditioned to play an Iraqi refugee in the David O. At 16 through 20, I doubted everything about myself. PLAZA: How does it feel to be the star of a television show? With singing, I don’t necessarily have to share my own personality, but I get to be emotional. PLAZA: You’re really good at not being so dependent on your job.ALIA SHAWKAT: This is how I keep our friendship alive. SHAWKAT: It might have been through Michael [Cera], but I feel like we met for the first time at game night at Jeff [Baena]’s house [Plaza’s boyfriend and Shawkat’s friend and poker buddy]. And whether you want it in the interview or not, you and Michael were hanging out. But when I was younger, I loved it because we never stayed in L. We’d do the audition, then go back to Palm Springs. SHAWKAT: I think the healthiest thing you can do is to have different experiences so you can use them.

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She also won TV land Award in 2004 for Future Classic and Young Artist Award for best supporting role in 2005.

I would love to see where their relationship went and how that went down with George Michael.

I would love to see more of what Ann and Gob's relationship dynamic is. [Laughs.] For more from Whitman on "Parenthood," her career and more, check back with Huff Post TV early next week.

When we last saw her, in the Season 3 finale, Ann had moved in with her new boyfriend, George Michael's Uncle Gob (Will Arnett), despite the fact that he thought she was a "dude" earlier in the series. You know, I'm always confused about how much I can say, but what I do know is that -- Alia [Shawkat] is one of my best friends and Michaal [Cera] too so I definitely have seen some of the things that are going down with the show and it is .

It's so incredible and so smart and wonderful and just outrageously great. Fans of the show will really love what they're doing with the new reboot of it and I definitely will say I could never let this opportunity go by without absolutely forcing myself to be a part of it.

"Arrested Development" fans were thrilled to hear that Mae Whitman, who played George Michael's (Michael Cera) girlfriend Ann Veal -- a.k.a. , Ann Hog, Plant, to name a few -- is returning for the show's upcoming, long-awaited Season 4.

Ann was constantly referred to with disbelief and disdain (see nickname No.

Because of her father and grandfather both being actors, she initiated her career from the very early age of life (at 11) in ABC Family Series ‘State of Grace’.

It is found that during her free time, she used to go for study at Rancho Mirage School where she studied Math, English, Physics, Geography, and Drama.

Alia Shawkat is an actress best known for her role as Maeby Funke in a Fox Television series ‘Arrested Development’.

In this series, she belongs to a mischievous part of an Orange County family trying to adjust to their loss of wealth.

When she turned 13, she landed her breakout role as the precocious, sarcastic Maeby Fünke on . SHAWKAT: I don’t remember, but I feel like there were three distinct ones.

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