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And there’s certainly an audience for romances, as checking the fandoms for any of the games you have listed will easily show.We do a whole lot of killing and exploring in games, but not necessarily a whole lot of loving.

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The Personas, most Bioware games or even the Sims do that to an extent, but do you think there’s more to explore ? There’s very few games where you don’t interact with friendly characters, and adding relationship mechanics where their reaction to you changes based on your choices can breathe some life into them when it’s done right.Most of the otome games, girl’s dating games, that I play are targetted at teen-to-early-twenties women.But as long as you don’t take it or yourself too seriously, I think anyone can find something to enjoy about these games.I don’t really have a hard line between enjoying something in earnest and making fun of it.I’ve been a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for most of my life and their kind of philosophy of ribbing something with love has become part of the way I take in media.You don’t even have to make it romantic, people just like to see something about the world change because of something they have done.

Knowing that they are getting a different reaction because they chose to kill the foozle instead of saving it can help satisfy that.I think it’s easy to get dating game burn out and end up throwing your hands up in the air and shouting "I DON’T WANT TO SOLVE ALL YOUR EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS" to some sad-eyed bishounen with his hair in his eyes and his shirt saucily unbuttoned. I just chose it on a whim while playing one of these games and I got so much amusement from the juxtaposition of Balls Mahoney the wrestler and Balls Mahoney the blushing, innocent maiden. Hatoful Pigeon is inspired weirdness, where they created a back story that both answers your immediate questions but also makes the game substantially stranger and more hilarious.Not to mention how much I laugh every time some doe-eyed guy says something like "I just can’t live without Balls in my life ! Sometimes weirdness just for the sake of weirdness doesn’t work out that way, but when it does work, the weirder games end up being some of my favorites.I find them to be a pretty decent way to relax after a long day, but they aren’t the kind of game that really lights a fire in me and gets me playing for 10 hours without stop. From an outsider’s point of view, they look like chick lit for otakus. They seem to be pretty popular with a vast array of internet dwellers, as the massive reactions to RPS’s coverage of Katawa Shoujo show.It’s hard to pinpoint the actual audience they have.Can people without much imagination like me enjoy the genre ?

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