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"They said this is our culture, a girl should be in the house and they should wash the dishes, they should [raise] children,” she said.

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Instead a short-haired, tie-wearing child with the more masculine-sounding name of Mehran began first grade with the other children. Some teachers were surprised but did not comment except to one another."The Taliban say the woman can't go outside, the woman should be in the house, the woman should wash the dishes,” explains Raihanna, saying some of the militants would kill her for daring to defy those customs."This is hard for me, that I should go outside and run …The health workers say that families who disguise their daughters in this way can be rich, poor, educated, or uneducated, or belong to any of Afghanistan’s many ethnic groups.The only thing that binds the for a son in a society that undervalues daughters and demands sons at almost any cost.Still, traditional ideas about women and their role in society remain.

At the first marathon, some onlookers threw stones at female runners.More still, Nordberg's friends Nader and Shahed among them, never make the switch and continue to live disguised as men.'To disguise yourself as a boy or a man is something that women have done throughout history when they have been denied basic human rights, such as the right to an education, or the right to choose when and if she gets pregnant.Mehran, age 6, first arrived at her kindergarten in Kabul as Mahnoush, in pigtails and a pistachio dress.but I want to do it.” She runs in a headscarf, sunglasses, and hat pulled down low, and stays close to other women and girls for safety in numbers.And his story is by no means unique, with family turning their girls into boys for fear of being shunned thanks to their inability to have sons and to create a useful pair of extra hands in a society where girls are kept behind closed doors at all times.'So as strange as it may seem at first, it’s a way for people to get around that injustice, and it’s not uncommon for a family with only daughters to just dress a daughter as a boy, and present her as such to the outside world.''A girl is much more sheltered and restricted at all times.It is dawn in Kabul and an unmarked bus has pulled up to Raihanna's home.

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