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Not to mention all the “normal” girls you can take out on “dates”.But okay, if you want it quick and easy or have only a short amount of time to spend in Manila, then you will definitely have a memorable time in one of the following 5 best sex massage parlors in town: Flight 168 is a massage parlor located in the Air Force One entertainment complex.

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It’s without doubt the best sex massage parlor in Manila and the main reason for that are the girls.

But first things first: Air Force One is, like the name suggests, located near Manila International Airport so if you are on a short stopover this might be a fantastic choice to spend a couple of hours in heaven.

Just go through the entrance (see the sign that says “168” in the picture), down an escalator and you will be right in the lobby.

If you ask me it’s kind of ridiculous that 5,000 Pesos don’t give you a bath before the sex part in a third world country like the Philippines.

For this money you could have easily 5 hookers from the dating sites come to your hotel room for 1,000 Pesos each.

There is usually no massage involved unless you request it (generally for an additional tip).

After the service that takes around 1 to 2 hours you will give her the tip and that’s it.It’s second only to Flight 168 and has cheaper prices, however, in terms of the girls it’s more like a hit and miss kind of place.The karaoke girls next door are super hot and model-like (they even say some superstars of the Philippines have started their careers here) and they charge between 1,100-1,500 Pesos per hour.The procedure is that you will take a look at the girls in the fishbowl who are all eagerly smiling at you, choose one you like (they have numbers on them) and then pay the room fee at the reception.You will then follow your girl to the room, where you will take a shower together and then have sex.There are many reasons why the massage parlors in Manila are so popular: It’s the most discrete way to have sex with a Filipina girl (no one sees you in public and you will avoid the “walk of shame” in your hotel), they are easy and quick (no need to buy drinks for the girl like in the bars or waste time talking and dancing with her like in the clubs), the service is safe (compared to freelancers who could potentially steal from you while you take a shower) and in some places it’s also cheaper compared to the bars. It’s not like in Thailand where you will see the fishbowl right after entering.