Adult dating videochat software

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Adult dating videochat software

So Teen Titans East has Bumblebee, Aqualad, Speedy (he’s like Robin but he restricts himself to using a bow and arrow) and Mas y Menos, who I love and who only speak in Spanish and who can run super fast but only if they’re touching each other (but not as fast as Kid Flash can run by himself (he is just plain better than them at everything (except stealing my heart))).

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He chooses Steel City for this, which is (un)fortunately the only other place on Earth that has a Teen Titans headquarters.

So these two episodes take place on the opposite coast of the USA and whatever.

I guess the reason that this episode doesn’t just start with Cyborg being converted is cause then the writers wouldn’t be able to waste time, and they have a 22 minute quota to fulfill, so this episode starts with 7 minutes of unnecessary bullshit before BB is pinned to a wall (finally) and BB reveals he has a huge crush on Cyborg, then he says some shit about taking Cyborg apart and he attempts to take Cyborg apart, which once again would be a lot easier if Cyborg was still out of power.

But then he’s stopped by the original Teen Titans, which wouldn’t be a problem if he were doing this anywhere else but in the exact place the Teen Titans could be expected to visit (the Titans East tower) or if he HADN’T FUCKING REPOWERED CYBORG SO THAT CYBORG COULD SEND OUT AN EMERGENCY CALL WHEN HE FOUND OUT THAT THE TITANS EAST HAD BEEN BRAINWASHED FOR FUCK’S SAKE, and then BB fucks off to go be an idiot elsewhere (elsewhere as in elsewhere in the same fucking building that he just left his enemies in) and the original Teen Titans go to find and stop his dumb ass and then they do and it’s absolute hackneyed bullshit, I’m not even kidding, Cyborg uses the power of his indomitable human spirit to win the final fight after he gets his ass kicked (this can only be explained with an image so here we go) THE GOOD GUYS WIN THE END, CYBORG REJOINS THE TEAM, ESSENTIALLY NOTHING IS CHANGED, NOW SEASON 3 IS OVER AND THE GENERAL QUALITY OF THE SHOW STARTS TO GO UP THANK CHRIST tl;dr don’t watch this episode, don’t read this post, I did a bad job explaining what happens, but it is fucking retarded While fighting a nerd in a suit who calls himself Adonis (best line: “you’re just making me more ripped” in response to having shit thrown at him, worst attribute: kind of rapey) BB gets covered in GREEN GOO and he starts getting aggressive and becomes a werewolf and can’t remember what he does as a werewolf (otherwise how would it be any different from him just being him right?

It seems this whole episode almost sort of alludes to that, with the whole Beast Boy being consumed by his transformation shit and Raven consoling BB and BB maybe kind of looking out for Raven in a non-obvious way.

That said, Raven also consoled Cyborg that one time, so fuck it.

Teen Titans East are an ineffective team who get in the way of each other in battle and in the case of Speedy and Aqualad, eat each other’s friends (there is a fish taco incident (actual fish tacos, not the lewd kind) (this indicates that Aqualad is simple minded)).

Cyborg shows up and teaches them how to be less shitty at working together.

So he has parts of his body upgraded into robot parts so that he can be better and mind control I guess?

Why the fuck he doesn’t just have Cyborg pinned to a wall the whole time is beyond me (cyborg is totally pinned to a wall at the start of this if that wasn’t clear), or fuck it that’s not even necessary cause Cyborg actually ran out of battery power in the last episode, he could’ve just taken Cyborg’s body to his fucking headquarters and I don’t know, rewritten his software or some shit, that would’ve worked perfectly in the context of the show.

I hope you understand the thing I’m saying here, which is that this shit is dumb (and boring enough to not have moments worth capping).