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Holding multiple credentials in in-demand subjects can also lead to higher salaries for teachers.

Let your dedication to helping your students succeed drive your energy for the rest.If you are strongly interested in math, history, English, or another subject, earning an endorsement in that area can keep you involved with your personal interests throughout your career – with the added benefit that your passion will engage students in the subject.Earning more than one subject endorsement can also add variety to your job and prevent your lessons from becoming repetitive.In addition to extended vacations around major holidays and spring break, it is possible to get your summers off.Since most schools operate on a “school year” rather than on a calendar year, schools are typically open between the months of August and May. But we all know that in person events can be expensive and difficult for people to attend.

Networking events and career fairs are par for the course when it comes to engaging with students, alumni and employers.

All public school teachers must have a degree and be certified or licensed by the state in which they teach.

On this page you can learn more about teacher salary by state and various possible careers in education.

Full-time teachers typically receive healthcare and retirement benefits that are more competitive than those found in private-sector jobs.

Teachers who participate in collective bargaining or union agreements may receive additional job security.

” -Vanessa Escobar, California Kindergarten Teacher Teacher Quote: “Teaching can be one of the most rewarding and energizing careers.