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77 sex xx

The ratio of male to female sex assignment increased from 1.4 in the pre-1990 cohort, to 2.3 in the 1990–1999 cohort, to 6.3 in the post-1999 cohort, respectively ( = .021) (Table 1).Sufficient data were available to calculate the EMS in 72 (83%) male and 27 (87%) female cases.

Patient and/or parental consent is obtained before case registration, with the level of consent tiered according to the geographical extent of data sharing (own center, own country, European Union member states, international).The I-DSD registry is approved by the National Research Ethics Service of the United Kingdom, and the terminology used within the registry is based on the nomenclature initially developed at the Chicago consensus meeting and which has continued to evolve subsequently.At the time of the study in September 2013, 1167 cases had been submitted from 24 centers in 15 different countries.BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: It is unclear whether the proportion of infants with a disorder of sex development who are raised as male or female has changed over time.The temporal trends in sex assignment of affected cases entered in the International Disorder of Sex Development (I-DSD) Registry were studied.Such databases had existed at a less formal level in many regional centers but had lacked international uniformity and did not directly interoperate.

An international Web-based registry, the International Disorder of Sex Development (I-DSD) Registry, was therefore created in 2008 with the promise to sustain research activity and address many unanswered questions on outcome in these rare conditions.

In 7 of 454 (1.5%) cases, sex reassignment at a later stage was reported, and in these cases the initial sex assignment was used for the analysis.

To analyze the influence of time, the cases were also divided according to the year of birth into 3 birth cohorts: before 1990, 1990–1999, and after 1999.

Affected newborns often present with atypical genitalia, and these clinical situations can often be difficult to manage, particularly when the sex of rearing is uncertain.

In the face of genital ambiguity, the issue of sex assignment has been one of the most controversial aspects in the field of DSD management.

Of these 580 cases, 454 (78%) had a sufficient level of consent to allow sharing of anonymized details regarding diagnosis, karyotype, sex of rearing, and clinical center.

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