5 widely believed dating myths

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5 widely believed dating myths

One of the most infamous studies in psychology, the Stanford Prison Experiment conducted in 1971, involved student participants being allocated to the role of prisoner or guard, and it had to be aborted when the guards became abusive.Philip Zimbardo who led the study said it showed how certain situational dynamics can turn any of us bad, and this meme of “bad barrels” rather than “bad apples” has entered the public consciousness.

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This is the idea that we each learn better when we’re taught via our own favoured modality, such as through visual materials, listening or doing.Some patients with specific conditions (such as command-based hallucinations “telling them” to commit acts) are at increased risk, but actual acts of violence are rare.A telling meta-analysis from 2011 concluded that 35,000 high-risk patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia would need to be permanently watched or incarcerated to prevent one killing of a stranger by a patient.Quite why this misconception remains so stubborn is unknown, but we can speculate that it is because, from a subjective perspective, things appear “out there” and also because of the widespread experience people have of “feeling” that they are being stared at.In fact, controlled experiments have shown that while many people clearly do think they’ve felt someone’s stare, they can’t actually detect whether someone is staring at their back or not.After a mass emergency, it’s typical for reports to describe the crowd as “stampeding” in blind panic.

There’s an implication that when we’re in a large group, we lose our senses and it’s everyone for themselves.Yet the ancient and wrong idea that it works the opposite way – with rays coming out of the eyes into the world – is still believed by many people, at least according to surveys conducted in the 1990s and 2000s.For example, roughly a third of university students were found to believe that something comes out of the eyes when we see things.Writing in 2011, the famous Californian neuroscientist VS.Ramachandran stated “the main cause of autism is a disturbed mirror neuron system”.The metaphor of memory as a recording is inappropriate because it implies an unrealistic level of accuracy and permanence.

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