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There was something fishy here including the purchase of Hotmail by Microsoft.The problem is that if your emails are being stored "in the cloud" each single email is exposed as if it permanently "in transit".

And I doubt that they are doing it without serious reasons.I can see why Brazil and Germany are now concerned about NSA activities.I can't understand why they are not concerned about stupidity of their citizens opening accounts and putting confidential information on the Webmail systems such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail and Gmail (all three are mentioned in Prism slide above ;-). Accounts in Hotmail or Gmail has their value, but primary useful as spam folders.Moreover the collection of email in your Inbox is a more valuable set of information than any single email and tells much more about you that any intercepted email can.Just the set of headers (and your address book) constitute something much more dangerous then a single email.Bing often beats it on searches connected with Windows (and even some pure Linux topics) and beats it is you search information about Eastern Europe or x USSR space, as well on several political themes (I suspect some searches in Google are censored).

That mean the diversification (including diversification of search engines) is now a duty of concerned Internet users.And they become oligopolies because we agree to use them as primary sources, for example Google for search, independently whether it is good for all types of searches or not.Actually if you compare the quality of retuned results Google is not good for all searches.IMHO First of all you deprive yourself from the possibility to learn strong and weak point of different search engines.The second Google stores all searches, possibly indefinitely, so you potentially expose yourself to a larger extent by using a single provider.NSA is only one of possibly several agencies that can access your data.