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Think about what you are best at, what are you better at than anyone else at delivering.It is very tempting to get sidetracked with other things when you know you can help but you may not be the best person to offer that help.

You start off doing one sort of thing for your clients and then you morph into doing other things.The Bermuda Police Service confirmed that an investigation took place into the crime, but are otherwise flummoxed. Asked if the lack of funds has had any impact on the club, Mr Minors added: We are able to operate, but not in the capacity we would like to. Carlton Smith, president of Cleveland County, said: If we get the money and everything is straight then everybody is happy.If I had the money, I would be able to pay off some bills; I have distributors I need to pay off and things like that. I will definitely need it by the end of February because we have a cash incentive programme for my club cricketers.Once we get all the stats done up, we give them money.Arrim Perinchief, president of Baileys Bay, said that all he had heard from the ECCA was that the issue had not been forgotten.Too many of us had our heads down like cattle and didnt realize the grass wasnt growing as fast as we were grazing.

This is an opportune time for us to readjust and get used to the new reality.

Charities have been urged to consider the short-term pain of consolidation or mergers as they battle for survival in Bermudas harsh economy.

Caroline Foulger, chairwoman of Bermuda Business Development Agency, encouraged the third sector to follow the example of the international business community by undergoing tough measures that could lead to a brighter long-term future.

Speaking at the third sector conference Building Hope at the Hamilton Princess yesterday, Ms Foulger said that job losses could eventually be recouped if the organisations could become stronger.

Elaine Butterfield, executive director of the Centre on Philanthropy, which organized the event, has previously warned Bermudas charities are experiencing unprecedented financial pressure, with 65 per cent experiencing an increase in demand for their services coupled with a reduction in donations.

Mr Burchall highlighted Bermudas growing GDP but warned that due to the peculiarities and uniqueness of our situation, it is not going to feel like it.

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