1960s tenage dating

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If you can imagine emerging from this repressed background into the swinging 60s, equipped with a contraceptive pill that had only recently become the hugely popular and completely reliable form of birth control, you can also imagine how ill-prepared we all were for what was to follow.True, we’d been brought up to say ‘no’ to sex, but the only reason for that was because we might get pregnant.

The film adaptation hit theaters at the close of 1960, and when spring break rolled around three months later, 50,000 college kids flooded the town.Whenever I reveal I was young in the 1960s, people’s eyes grow round with envy. ’ Well, I was there and I can, unfortunately, remember the 60s all too well. Then they add, saucily: ‘But of course they say that if you can remember the 60s you weren’t there!But before that happened Johnny Mc Johnny knew that he wasn’t getting into Betty’s poodle skirt. They held hands during the picture and he kissed her a few times. Not only could Mary have handled the situation better, she could — and should — have been able to avoid it completely! This is at least what the book is leading me to believe, considering their last of 10 handy dandy ways to avoid saying no: (Yeah because NOTHING can happen “on your own ground.” And WHAT THE FUCK IS A PORCH GLIDER? )(YOU GONNA GET RAPED.) Notice the most insulting part of all?This brings me to chapter 16 of this 1960s dating book, “How to avoid having to say no.” Because in the 1960s even though boys knew they weren’t going to get into girl’s circle skirts they still tried. She really didn’t want him to, but she didn’t want to make a fuss, either. Finally, after many no’s and don’ts, she slapped his face. The book doesn’t even ASSUME that women would actually WANT to “park” and “neck” on the “porch glider.” I mean if my date weren’t Rapist Carl I wouldn’t object to a little making out.And although I’ve no doubt it was a fantastic – or ‘fab’ as we used to say – time for men, for women (or young girls as we were then) it was absolutely grisly.

Because when it came to sex, we were, of course, the trailblazers for a completely new attitude, and blazing trails is always horribly uncomfortable.

Never before or since had the beach played such a prominant role in movie plots.

Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon built a beach franchise — a beach empire — for American International Pictures.

And if we’d got pregnant then of course we might have been thrown out of our parents’ home, or forced to give the baby up for adoption.

Before the law changed in 1967 there were abortionists around, but they were illegal, and you couldn’t go to one without paying a lot of money in used notes to a dodgy doctor off Harley Street. It’s worth remembering, too, that feminists at that time were not even a glimmer in their father’s eyes.

But now, armed with the pill, and with every man knowing you were armed with the pill, pregnancy was no longer a reason to say ‘no’ to sex. We had been brought up to kowtow to men, to defer to their wishes, to listen wide-eyed to their views.

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