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Next date : the next date that is chosen by the Application, or a paid-for action whereby the Member can independently choose his/her next date from among several profiles of suggested active Members.

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They form the basis of a contractual relationship between the member and TOP 2 AG.

An instant date is a paid-for action which makes it possible to be connected immediately with an active Member within the next few minutes.

Services : all services, whether paid for or not, which are offered by ONCE in order to facilitate virtual or real dates between Members who are interested in each other, based on the selected search criteria. These Terms of Use shall be governed, construed and applied in accordance with Swiss law, subject to the protection that is given to Members by the mandatory provisions of French law.

Where the requirements for Member status are met, ONCE will assign an Account containing the following to the Member personally: To sign up, any person who is interested in the Services must be at least 18 years old and have read and agreed to these GTUS, the Cookie Policy and the Personal Data Policy.

When registration occurs via Facebook Connect, this enables ONCE to use the profile photo, first name, age deduced from the date of birth and interests of the Member to create a “profile” page for him/her.

This action is secret and not reported to the “Passed” Member.

“Passed” profiles can no longer make contact with the Member in future, unless they “Like” the Member’s profile or a Message is sent by one party to the other (this is a paid-for action).

Like : the action represented by a heart which is used to express interest.

This action is visible but not reported to the “Liked” Member, until the “Liked” Member himself/herself likes.

When registering, the Member agrees to these GTUS and the Personal Data Policy and undertakes to fulfil his/her obligations as stated in article 7 of these GTUS.

The Application gives ONCE Members a personal and private environment which enables them to make contact with other Members selected on the basis of the compatibility criteria (proximity and search criteria entered in Members’ profiles) in order to arrange virtual or real dates.

A Crown enables a Member to: Send a Message : the action represented by a paper plane.

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