0x13 updating the ips

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In addition, the primary unit and subordinate units use the HA heartbeat to keep in constant communication.The subordinate units report their status to the cluster unit and receive and store connection and state table updates.

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The cluster IP addresses and HA virtual MAC addresses are associated with the cluster interfaces of the primary unit.The link failure means that a new primary unit must be selected and the cluster unit with the link failure joins the cluster as a subordinate unit.Just as for a device failover, the new primary unit sends gratuitous arp packets out all of its interfaces to inform attached switches to send traffic to it. If a subordinate unit experiences a device failure its status in the cluster does not change.If the primary unit encounters a problem that is severe enough to cause it to fail, the remaining cluster units negotiate to select a new primary unit.This occurs because all of the subordinate units are constantly waiting to negotiate to become primary units.To load balance sessions, the functioning cluster uses a load balancing schedule to distribute sessions to all cluster units.

The shared connection state table tracks the communication sessions being processed by all cluster units (not just the primary unit).

The subordinate unit that wins the negotiation becomes the new primary unit with the same MAC and IP addresses as the former primary unit.

The new primary unit then sends gratuitous ARP packets out all of its interfaces to inform attached switches to send traffic to the new primary unit. If a primary unit interface fails or is disconnected while a cluster is operation, a link failure occurs.

If the primary unit fails, or one of the primary unit interfaces fails, the cluster units use the same mechanisms to detect the failure and to negotiate to select a new primary unit.

If session failover is enabled, the new primary unit also maintains communication sessions through the cluster using the shared connection state table.

All traffic directed at the cluster is actually sent to and processed by the primary unit.

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